Thank you for choosing Shore Cardiac Institute. We would like to explain some of our policies:

Appointments:  Office hours are by appointment only. We will attempt to remind all patients of their appointments twenty four hours prior. It is the patient’s responsibility to keep their appointments; however, if you are unable to keep scheduled appointments, kindly give 24 hour notice
Office Phone Hours: (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)  Please use the main telephone number only. Other numbers that may appear on your caller ID will not be answered by service when the office is closed. The main phone number is 732-473-0158

  • 9:30 am-3:00pm Monday through Thursday
  • 9:3 0am- 12:00 noon F’riday

Please familiarize yourself with your insurance plan.
It is the patient’s responsibility to provide this office with a referral at the time of your visit if required
by your insurance. If you do not have a valid referral, you will be responsible for payment in full for
the visit scheduled, or you may reschedule.

Payment/co-pays are due at check in on the date of visit. SCI will remind you of any outstanding
balance you have and will ask that you make full payment for outstanding balances. (In extreme cases
payment plans can be arranged by speaking directly to the billing office) Billing dept phone # 732-473-lll3
Please refer to the Financial Policies for a full explanation of our Billing Policies.

Release of Records:
Shore Cardiac Institute will release patient records once all the appropriate paperwork has been
completed by the patient requesting records. This office has 30 days from the date the written request
has been submitted to the office to release the records. Applicable charges may be applied for any
record release. Payment for records will be required at the time records are picked up. This office
will only fax records when the matter is emergent and the patient is in an acute care facility.
The staff of Shore Cardiac Institute is happy to accommodate prescription refills. However, please
note this office has up to T2hours from the time the call is received to contact the appropriate
pharmacy or to write a prescription for the patient to pick up. Please check your medication weekly to
ensure you have enough. Since this office is closed on the weekends refills will not be available. We
strongly suggest you call in your request Monday through Thursday.
Due to the problems that Shore Cardiac Institute has encountered with mail-order companies we no
longer call medication directly into a mail-order company. We will give you written prescriptions for
your mail order plan. A11ow ample time for refills.
Laboratory Work & Testing:
Prescriptions for blood work or other testing (ultrasound, x rays…etc) are given at the time of your
visit. Please have the testing done as directed. If you lose your prescription, you will have to pick up
a new one at the office. We will no longer mail or fax it to you or to the testing centers. Patients who
undergo monthly blood testing (PT/INR) are responsible to keep track of when their prescription
expires. We will no longer be faxing prescriptions to you or the laboratory, and we will be requiring a
72hour notice when a new prescription is needed.
Dental Procedures/Surgical Procedures
If you need to be pre-medicated or have questions/concerns about having to discontinue a medication
prior to your procedure, please call our office one week prior to your scheduled date so that we can
advise you appropriately.

Cardiac Clearance:
If you are scheduled for any procedure/surgery that requires cardiac clearance please be sure to
contact our office as soon as possible so that we can start the clearance process. Please keep in mind
that you may require testing or an appointment prior to clearance. This will ensure that you will be
cleared in time for your scheduled procedure/surgery.